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Aim: Tie to quality to manage, rely on Innovation to advance,depend on Science and technology to grow
Entrepreneurship: Honest pragmatic and efficient


Redman Precision Manufacture(Lianyungang)Co.,Ltd is specialized in the R&D,construction,production and service of precision bearing 、 slewing rings and kinds of steel balls.Redman is located in Lianyungang,Jiangsu Prov. And was found in 2005.With the investment from Germany over 4 million USD,we have built an area of 25000M2 on a property which covers an area of  33800M2 . Redman employs more then 300 employees,8 Engineers,20 mechanics some of whom are professional experts.We not only export our products to North America, Europe and other countries but also for the domestic market.
For your reference,Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore,,worldwide famous crane manufacture Gottwald in Germany or Energy Cranes in USA.Our export quote is more than 90%.
We have full set of testing equipment for our products:bearings,slewing bearings and blade bearings(diameter up to 10000mm).With this equipment we can ensure that our quality management system is strictly in accordance to ISO9001:2008  and we can also provide the product as DIN or any other special requirements. With our German technology, equipped with  our advanced inspection instruments, combined with Chinese manufacturing, We believe we can fulfill your demands and promote your success.


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    Add:Add:Taishan Road, Economic & Technical Development Zone , Lianyungang Jiangsu PR.China
    Tel: 0086-518-82348968
    Fax: 0086-518-82348969
    Sale: 0086-518-82348913
    E-mail: [email protected]
2.5m CNC Lathe
3.5m Lathe
3m gear shaping
3m gear hobbing
2.5m CNC Lathe
5m CNC Lathe
4m CNC drill mac
5m gear shaping
Double column ve
Quenching machin
CNC Quenching ma
Gear HeatTreatme
7m Assembly
Cold Heading
Grinding Machine
Grinding Machine
Grinding Worksho

Tel: 86-518-82348968  Fax: 86-518-82348969  Add: Taishan Road, Economic & Technical Development Zone , Lianyungang City,Jiangsu Province.China
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